Siniša Kukić is a cinematographer, car enthusiast, and craftsman. His photographic work is defined by the landscape of his childhood home, the former Yugoslavia, and later the urban landscape of Chicago. 

As an experimental filmmaker, his film Pump screened on KQED's Truly CA series and was rated the sixth greatest super 8 film of all time by 

His work has been featured by clients ranging from Netflix, Nat Geo, PBS, A&E, Comedy Central, The Onion, BET, MTV, and ABC, and he has been awarded by SXSW and Hot Docs.

Currently, he is traveling the US for a 6-part miniseries for ABC with Katie Couric, and is finishing a feature documentary for which he lived in Huntsville, Alabama, for 8 months.





US Passport

Croatia/EU Passport

10yr Chinese Visa


Based in NY and CA.

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